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Quality Care Solutions, Inc. has achieved certification as a CABHA in the state of NC

Quality Care Solutions, Inc. is a Nationally Accredited Agency holding a 3 year CARF and CABHA Accreditation.

Quality Care Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing mental health services to some of our most needy individuals. We believe that children grow and learn when allowed the opportunity to develop healthy relationships with positive adults, where love and care is administered.
Our approach centers on the foundation stones of honesty to build trust, character to gain substance, faith to believe that dreams can come true, integrity to foster goodwill, love because there is an abundance of it and loyalty to grow through.

Many youth who are in need of our services have already experienced displacements, disappointments, and rejection. It is our duty at Quality Care Solutions, Inc. to provide a constructive climate in which change may take place and to emphasize the positive aspects of each child and not reject him or her because of negative behaviors
Our goal is to give the most to as many people as possible. Therefore, we pray that God gives each staff member the love, creativity, skill and wisdom he needs, to help those that are without and in need. Most of all, Quality Care Solutions, Inc. is here to serve our children to the best of our ability with all that God has given.

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